Special Needs

Special Needs Trust Guardianship and Conservatorship

Many of us have relatives, friends, or colleagues who are challenged on a daily basis by some type of incapacitating physical, mental, or developmental disability. In days past, the families of disabled persons often kept their personal circumstances a secret; the disability of a loved one was a taboo subject that was not to be discussed openly. To make matters worse, very few competent professional advisors were available to help plan for the “special needs” of disabled persons. Left on their own, many disheartened families had limited options to ensure appropriate care for disabled relatives after their primary caregivers died or grew too old and infirm to provide the necessary care.

We can help.

One of our Attorneys can assist parents and siblings in planning for what will happen to their disabled family members when the parent or care-giver sibling dies. This is often done with a Special Needs Trust, which preserves eligibility for Medicaid, SSI and other needs-based benefits, while allowing the individual to use trust access for those things that Medicaid will not pay for. Examples include computers, vacations, vehicles, and other niceties that Medicaid does not cover.

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